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Quick Tips

    Customer service is available Monday to Friday during standard business hours (this does not include holidays). All inquiries are handled within 2 business days from the time it is received.

    Quick Tips

    • Coin Purchase Dispute

      If you have questions regarding your coin purchase or have issues receiving coins that you purchased, please contact customer service at support@peeks.social

    • Locked out of account/ Reset password

      If you would like to reset your password, please follow the steps below: Open the Peeks app Tap the Sign In button and select the “forgot your password” option near…

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    • Validating Bank Account

      Great News! All bank accounts added to your wallet are now auto-approved. As long as your ID has been approved, you can withdraw funds from your account. However, if you…

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    • Purchase of Coins

      Coins can be purchased via PayPal or credit card on our website at www.peeks.social Please note that purchases may appear on your financial statement as charges from Wasdpro Inc or AziraPay.

    • Can’t Stream?

      If you are unable to stream it may be due to a streaming violation which you have breached on the app. Your streaming access may be suspended for 3 business…

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    • Is there a limit to likes?

      There is a limit to the amount of likes in order to prevent abuse. If users are abusing the like function then they may be limited in the number of…

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    • What is the Offer Box?

      The Offer Box allows users to create actionable incentives that can be distributed to viewers of livestreams and archived videos. All users have the ability to connect products or services…

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    • How do I delete a payment method?

      1. Log into the Peeks website at www.peeks.com. 2. Click on your profile picture on the top right of the screen and select My Wallet. 3. Locate the My Payment Methods section…

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    • How do I install the enhanced Android app?

      For 18+ content please download our custom app by clicking here. You may be asked to grant permission to install. Or You can access exclusive 18+ content by going to…

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    • How do referral links work?

      Peeks has a referral program that enables another way for existing users to earn coins. You can refer users by sharing your referral link. When users sign up through your…

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    • How much advertising does a coin get me?

      Buy larger coin packages to get a better deal. The current rate is 60 – 100 impressions per coin but may vary with promotions.

    • What happens if I don’t use the coins?

      Coins stay in your wallet and do not expire. You can use coins to send tips to other users or purchase impressions to promote your streams. If you wish to…

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    • How do I use Peeks coins?

      After purchasing a Peeks coin package, you can use the coins to tip Broadcasters or buying Impressions which are used for advertising your products (Offer Box) and your profile (Get…

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    • How to use impressions?

      There are 2 ways to use your impressions. If you use the impressions correctly, it can help you to become popular on the app. Purchasing impressions will enable your videos…

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    • What is the refund policy?

      Refund Policy: If you have purchased coins in error, you can contact Peeks Social Support to inquire about a refund as long as none of the coins have been used.

    • More Questions or Feedback?

      Send us an email at support@peeks.social or feedback@peeks.social and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Customer service is available Monday to Friday during standard business hours (this does not…

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