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Appeal Process for Live Streaming, Video Uploads and Images

Deleted or Suspended Live Streams/Video Uploads or Images

At Peeks Social, we strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all of our users. In adherence to our Terms of Service, we may remove or delete live streams or uploaded videos that violate our guidelines. However, we understand that mistakes can happen, and users may wish to appeal the removal of their content.

Appeal of Persons Depicted in Live Streams/Video Uploads or Images

If you find yourself depicted in any content through a live stream, video upload, or posted image and wish to appeal the removal of such content, please contact us promptly at We will initiate an investigation process to address your appeal. In the event of a disagreement during the appeal process, we are committed to allowing the resolution of such disputes through the involvement of a neutral body.

To initiate the appeal process, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Contact Customer Service: To appeal the removal of your live stream or uploaded video, you need to get in touch with our Customer Service team. Please send an email to, specifying your request for appeal.

2. Provide Relevant Information: In your email, include all pertinent information related to the removed content. This may include the date and time of the live stream or upload, the title or description of the content, and any other details that might help us identify and review your case effectively.

3. Broadcaster Verification Process: Once your appeal email has been received, our Customer Service team will guide you through the broadcaster verification process. This step ensures that the appeal is being made by the rightful owner of the account and content in question. The verification process may involve providing certain personal information or verifying your identity through additional means as deemed necessary by our team.

4. Review and Response: After completing the broadcaster verification process, our team will thoroughly review your case. This evaluation will involve a careful examination of the alleged violation and its alignment with our Terms of Service. We aim to provide a fair and unbiased assessment of each appeal.

5. Appeal Outcome: Upon reaching a decision, we will communicate the outcome of your appeal via email. If the appeal is successful, and it is determined that your live stream or uploaded video was removed in error or there were extenuating circumstances, the content will be restored, and any associated penalties or restrictions will be lifted.

Please note that the appeal process may take some time, as each case is unique and requires a thorough investigation. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process.

It is important to remember that Peeks Social reserves the right to make the final decision regarding content removal and appeal outcomes. We encourage all users to familiarize themselves with our Terms of Service to ensure compliance and maintain a positive experience within our platform.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to assisting you with your appeal.

The Peeks Social Team