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Get Popular

Fast track your success! Achieve your goals through our Get Popular features. Increase engagement, drive sales, and build a community!

How to set up virtual card

Learn how to set up the virtual debit card for your peeks account. Access your funds instantly.

Peeks Social Debit Card

Introducing Peeks Social Visa Debit Card. Load your hard earned coins onto this virtual visa card, save on fees and more.

Get Sponsored

Get automatically paired with an advertising partner based on the keywords in your stream title and earn money for each interaction.


The Offerbox feature lets broadcasters create special offers for their viewers. You can create individual offers for each video or live stream.

Peeks Social

The most rewarding live streaming app. Go live, get paid, get popular and explore live content from around the world.

Tips & Guidelines

Learn how to get the most out of your social live streaming experience, with tips and best practices to help guide you.

Status Levels

Increase your status level and improve your overall experience with the Peeks Social app. Learn how our rating system works with this quick video.