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What are the other fees and payout periods?

Fees Table

Item Rate
Reactivation Fee $20
Impressions 5,000 – 79 Coins
10,000 – 139 Coins
50,000 – 499 Coins
* Fees may be subject to change based on special promotions
NSF $20
Bank Wire Fees may vary depending on the Bank* (Minimum withdrawal amount: $100)

Note: Failure to provide the correct wire details, may result in an additional fee of $30 USD

NSF $20

Funds Settlements and Payout periods

Since withdrawals are always processed in the order they are received, the oldest ones will get processed first.

The following chart lists the average settlement time of funds to a user from Peeks Social after the Hold Time has expired.

Method Region Payout period (standard)
Bank Wire* International (excluding Canada/US) Up to 3 weeks
EFT/ACH Canada/US 2 to 8 business

Payment Methods and Wallet Funds Hold Times

The Hold Time for funds paid or tipped to broadcasters by their viewers varies depending on the payment service utilized. If the viewer purchases coins or make payments for goods and services on the Peeks platform, the funds hold time is typically 3 business days. For example, if a viewer purchases Peeks Coins using a credit card on the www.Peeks.Social website and then tips a broadcaster with those coins, those funds will be held in the broadcaster account for 3 days. (See Table 13.1 below)

Method  Hold Time (in business days) 
Credit Card  3-7
EFT/ACH  1-5 
Email Money Transfer  1-3 

*There are fees associated with sending and receiving Wires. Peeks Social does not charge you for sending money. However, your bank may charge a fee for receiving it.

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