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How do I subscribe to a broadcaster?

For broadcasters that offer subscriptions, you can now subscribe to users to support your favourite broadcasters as well as get access to special features.

At this time, these features may include content that is exclusive to subscribers as well as discounts on paid content such as photo posts, uploaded videos, and live streams.

You can subscribe to a user by navigating to their profile and selecting the Subscribe button. From this popup, you will see the features that are included with the subscription to the user. You can then select the plan which is priced in Coins. For your convenience, we’ve also included an estimated US Dollar amount that will be charged to your credit card on a recurring basis.

Please note that paying for a subscription will result in Coins being deducted from your wallet first so if you have a Coin balance in your wallet. If you do not have enough Coins in your wallet to pay for the subscription, your default credit card will be charged for the remaining/full amount of the subscription.

Here are some example scenarios of how you will be charged for a subscription. In these examples, a subscription costs 99 Coins per month.

  1. You have 99 Coins or more in your wallet
    – 99 Coins will be deducted directly from your wallet balance
  2. You have 50 Coins in your wallet and you have a credit card added to your account
    – 50 Coins will be deducted from your wallet balance and the cost of the remaining 49 Coins will be charged to your credit card
  3. You have a credit card added to your account but no Coins
    – The cost of 99 Coins will be charged to your credit card
  4. You have no Coins and no credit card added to your account
    – If you have an active subscription from a previous payment but no funding method available,