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How do referral links work?

Peeks has a referral program that enables another way for existing users to earn coins. You can refer users by sharing your referral link. When users sign up through your link, purchase coins, and tip broadcasters on Peeks, you will receive a commission based on the fees that Peeks collects on those tips.

Please note that as indicated above, the referral program is currently meant for referring tippers and not broadcasters to the platform.

To refer a user, navigate to the Referral page on the Peeks website by going to your profile picture on the top right and selecting the Referral option. On the Referral page you should see a section called Referral Links with a URL labelled as Influencer (i.e.…).

You can copy this link and share it with people. When they tap the link, they’ll be brought to your profile on our website and if they sign up, they should show up on the Referral page as someone that you referred. When these users start spending money on Peeks, you will be able to see the commissions you earned from each user and your total commissions earned on the Referral page as well.