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The Secret to Making a Full Time Income Using Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is when an ecommerce company pays a commission for online traffic or sales generated from its referrals.


Collaborate with advertisers across an array of categories that fit your unique brand. Peeks Social believes in authentic sponsorships for all creators.

  1. Set up a stream and select go live!
  2. Create the title
  3. Include hashtags of the category you will be covering (ie. #beauty, #gaming, #sports, #relationships). The hashtag in your title decides what ad opportunities are available to you!
  4. Select “Get Sponsored” at the bottom of the screen. The companies available to work with will be shown here, with the the different commission rates and sponsorship details.
  5. Select the ad you would like to appear on your stream.
  6. Read the terms for the sponsorship agreement. If the ad is a good fit, click “accept” on the top right corner of the screen.
  7. Once you have selected the offer, you will be brought back to the stream setup screen. Make sure the ad you selected is beside the “Get Sponsored” tab.
  8. If everything looks correct, start your broadcast and start earning from your traffic!


Everyone has the opportunity to be a part of our adshare program regardless of your audience size, we only charge a small fee to successful campaigns. Some Advertisers will not pay you if you have hate speech, swearing, or nudity. Each sponsorship has different terms for advertising their products, make sure to read the terms for each sponsorship you are interested in using to make sure it is a good match to your personal brand.

You can’t say that you are endorsed, sponsored, or an ambassador of the company. This is strictly affiliate marketing, you are only getting paid by commission or a percentage of the sales you make from your traffic. Pay outs are generally 30-60 days after a sale!


  • Don’t recommend anything that you aren’t passionate about or that fits your personal brand
  • Make sure the ad you select is something your viewers actually need/want
  • Be credible. Build trust with your viewers so that they will be interested in trying the products you are collaborating with.
  • The most successful sponsorships are reviews and tutorials.
  • Increase your income by adding sponsorships to each of your posts!

Get started now! Download Peeks from the App Store or Play Store and start getting rewarded for your content.

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How to Create Professional Streams and Videos

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Have you ever watched a really great video that inspired you to create your own? But despite your best effort, it doesn’t come out the way you wanted. Creating professional streams and videos are a great way to produce high quality content that can grow your followers and increase your engagement. If you would like to become a content creator guru and produce professional streams, follow the steps below:

Good Equipment

The first step of any great video is having good equipment. Most smartphones shoot in 4k quality, which is great for your stream or video! To maximize the quality of the video, use the camera on the back of your device, it generally has better quality than the front camera. Before going live you need to also ensure that your smartphone has a full battery. It’s a good idea to keep a charger nearby or bring a portable charger if you are outdoors!

Proper Audio Equipment

The key to producing professional videos is focusing on the viewers experience and what they will take away from your content. You can do this by eliminating any distractions that would take the viewer away from that focus. A major disturbance to video is poor audio quality.

One way to eliminate this problem is by testing your stream or video before production. This allows you to consider your distance from the smartphones microphone, the volume of your voice, or background noise at your shooting location. If you still are noticing that the audio is unclear, purchasing a portable microphone is a great solution. They are very inexpensive and accessible to use, most plug in to your headphone jack and can be clipped onto anything.

Vivid Lighting

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, understanding how lighting can affect your video is beneficial before production. If you are planning to shoot outdoors, there are things you will need to consider such as the position of the sun and distracting shadows. Amplifying the lighting of your video can be done through purchasing a portable LED light that attaches to your smartphone. This will help in evenly distributing light to make your streams or videos look and feel professionally produced.

However if you prefer shooting indoors that is also a great option as it allows you to have a studio feel if you select the right background. Look for something simple, preferably with a white or light colour to give off a clean feel. If you decide to purchase an LED light for your indoor production, position the stand directly behind the camera, this will illuminate you and elude shadows.

Creative Planning

Planning your content before a stream helps centralize the focus of your video. By planning your production, you will have a better understanding of the location you will be filming and some possible complications you may experience (ie. lighting, audio).

Its good to plan out what the purpose of your video is, who will be watching, where you will shoot, when you will go live, and how you are going to accomplish it. Once you have a good understanding of the focus of your video, creating a script or a list of key points will help you stay on track and provide your audience with valuable content.

Video Stabilization

Having a shaky video will take away from the content you are providing your viewers. Ensuring that your smartphone is stabilized will help in creating high quality video! To stabilize your smartphone you can rest it on a flat surface with a stand or tripod.

If you decide to use a stabilizing accessory, you will need to consider how you will be able to interact and engage with your audience if you aren’t holding the device. A solution to this is occupying another device or external display to monitor your stream so that you don’t miss any comments!

Cross Promotion

Promote, promote, promote! Get a jump start before you go live and build your audience in advance. This will generate buzz in your network and allow your followers to know whats coming up! Give your followers a preview of what they can expect from your stream, when you will be going live, and where they can find you.

Turn your audience into advocates have them share your message to their network and use them as a communication channel. This will help you get noticed by people who are most likely going to be interested in the content you are producing!

Get started now! Download Peeks from the App Store or Play Store and start getting rewarded for your content.

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A Complete Guide To Your Peeks Social Virtual Debit Card

By Tips & Tricks

The Peeks Social virtual debit card allows freedom and flexibility as another suitable payment option to online commerce. This allows for the convenience of receiving instant payouts without the hassle of waiting for payments to be processed.



  1. Sign into your account on
  2. Search for option to ‘Add Payment Method’, listed under will be ‘get your peeks debit
  3. Click tab ‘get your Peeks debit card’, fill out required information and create your own personal pin for card
  4. Select authorization check box to complete part 1 of card registration.
  5. After you have successfully completed part 1 of card registration you will be sent further instructions from
  6. Check the email address associated with your Peeks account for next steps

If you have any issues with using the card or lost/stolen card email



  • Can withdraw up to 80% of what is available in the wallet
  • There is a withdrawal limit within 7 days (this limit may vary depending on the user. If the user exceeds the limit, he/she may have to wait up to 7 days to withdraw again)
  • Cards cannot be removed from the wallet if there is a remaining balance on them

Creators can spend as fast as they can earn! Think of all the online purchases you’re already making in your daily life:

Ordering Food InRidesharing

Online Shopping

In-App Purchases

Need a little more convincing that the Peeks Social virtual prepaid card is right for you? Check out our post on how to make everyday payday.

Still have questions? No problem. Visit our FAQ page here or contact!


7 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to your Account

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The more people who know about you or your product, the more sales and opportunities are available! Whether you’re looking to grow your personal brand, create more connections, or promote a product, driving large traffic to your Peeks Social account is a great tool for any business. Below we go over the 7 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to your Profile:

Be Engaging

Be active and engaging. Create a conversation that viewers will want to join, and remember to reply to the comments you recieve. A great way to be active in your stream is to acknowledge people when they first enter, start the conversation by asking how their day is and get to know your audience! Start building a community of loyal viewers who will want to tune into your channel.

Create a Community

Word of mouth generates more than twice the sales compared to radio, print, or company generated communication. Turn your audience into advocates have them do the targeting, share your message to their network, and use them as a communication channel. If something makes people look good they will share it more and referred customers have a 20% higher customer lifetime value which is more beneficial to your brand.

Use Hashtags

With Peeks Social’s new categories getting noticed by more people is easier than ever before! Make sure to incorporate hashtags that are relevant to your stream and account in the title before going live. This is a great way to develop more exposure and higher engagement on your Peeks Social account.

Collaborate with Others

Collaborate with like minded individuals who have a similar niche to your audience. This will allow you to get double the exposure to an audience that has similar interests to your brand. A great way of collaborating is reaching out to an account of interest and working together to promote each others content. You can also collaborate by doing and giving interviews!

Cross Promote

Utilize your other social media accounts by cross-promoting your Peeks Social account. Let your followers know when you will be going live, what your stream will be about, and why they should tune in! Increasing your reach across all of your channels will drive more traffic to your Peeks Social stream.

Show Exclusive Content

Make sure that you are giving your Peeks Social followers exclusive content and offers that you don’t have on your other social media accounts. If you share the same content on all of your profiles, there’s no reason for people to come watch you on Peeks Social. A good example of promoting your exclusive content on your other social media accounts is by showcasing a teaser video or sharing a little into what you will be streaming. This will entice your audience to want more without giving away the whole thing.

Be Helpful

Give your followers something that they can take away from and use in their daily life. People will share your content more if it will help them or others out in some way because it provides them with practical value. Sharing content also happens when it will make the other person look good, by giving their own network access to your helpful content, it provides them with social currency. The more your content is shared the more exposure you have to new potential viewers/followers.

Get started now! Download Peeks from the App Store or Play Store and start getting rewarded for your content.

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This Week on Peeks Social

By Featured Peeks Peeps, News

This week on Peeks Social we have you set with a live performance, photoshoot behind-the-scenes (BTS), an exclusive article from a top magazine, and much more! Catch your favourite Peeks Social streamers as they deliver new and exciting content for your entertainment.


LIVE PERFORMANCE with @HeidiMerrill
Wednesday April 11, 2018
11pm EST

Break up your work week and escape to Newport Beach, California where Heidi Merrill will be performing live on Peeks Social. We bring the concert to you! Get the benefits of being apart of the live performance with the comfort of being in your own home.

PHOTOSHOOT BTS with @BlackRabbitBabe
Thursday April 12, 2018
8pm EST

Ever wondered what happens BTS at a photoshoot? Become a Peeks Social insider and get exclusive access to the lifestyle of Hollywood a-listers. Join the conversation, ask questions, and learn how to work the camera!

Friday April 13, 2018
10pm EST

Want to break into the entertainment industry in LA? Get to know Peeks Social’s very own Tonary as she shares insider knowledge into her journey with the entertainment industry in an exclusive interview with a top magazine!


Still looking for more? Peeks Social introduces hashtags, discover your favourite topics and meet new Broadcasters by hashtagging a topic you want to watch!

Get started now! Download Peeks from the App Store or Play Store and start getting rewarded for your content.

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100+ Peeks Social Post Ideas

By News, Tips & Tricks

Don’t know what to post or stuck in a rut on new content ideas? It can be difficult to think of new and engaging ways to interact with your audience, so we’re here to help! We have put together a list of post ideas that can work for all types of Content Creators.

Content Creator/Influencer

  • How to start your first live stream/vlog
  • How to make money live streaming/vlogging
  • How to grow your Peeks Social followers
  • How to get more traffic on your videos
  • How to create a community
  • Peeks Social tips
  • How to create catchy titles
  • Your livestreaming success tips
  • Why you started live streaming
  • Interview other successful content creators
  • What you use while live streaming (lighting, equipment etc.)


  • Your favourite product of the month
  • Things that make you happy
  • What’s in your bag right now
  • How to manage your time effectively
  • First date tips
  • Favourite ways to relax after a stressful day
  • Share your guilty pleasures
  • 2018 Bucket list
  • Your top 3 organizational tips
  • Your favourite streamers on Peeks Social
  • Your favourite DIY crafts
  • 5 inexpensive date night ideas


  • Your favourite meal
  • Your go-to meals when you’re on the go
  • Meals under 30 minutes
  • Healthy foods and their benefits
  • Best places you’ve eaten
  • Try a new product (a food product, a food subscription box, a tool or appliance etc.) then review
  • Best places to eat in your town
  • Why you started a food vlog
  • Top 10 food vlogging tips for beginners
  • Healthiest options at fast food restaurants

Beauty and Fashion

  • Makeup products you can’t live without
  • Your favourite product of the month
  • Makeup tips for when you’re on-the-go
  • What are your daily hair care products and tools
  • Your top 10 Beauty secrets
  • Makeup tutorial on a specific makeup look
  • How to dress for a job interview
  • Your skincare routine
  • Makeup products on a budget
  • Your favourite drug store products
  • Product review
  • Fashion trends you hate
  • What to do when you have a wardrobe malfunction
  • Beauty and skin care basics in your travel bag
  • Why you started a beauty vlog
  • Beauty/fashion wishlist items
  • Your favourite subscription box


  • Your must have carry on essentials
  • How to overcome being homesick
  • Best places to travel
  • What to pack in your suitcase
  • Your go to restaurants in (specific location)
  • How to organize your suitcase
  • Most creative ways to save money for travel
  • Share all the places you have travelled
  • 5 ways to be a tourist in your own town
  • Share your first trip experience
  • Share your favourite trip
  • Visiting (specific location) on a budget
  • Share your travel bucket list
  • How to book cheap flights
  • How to successfully plan a trip
  • Qualities of a good travel buddy

Health and Fitness

  • Top 10 nutritional tips for athletes
  • 5 Weight Loss mistakes
  • 5 tips to help you achieve your health goals
  • Review a health or fitness product (workout gear, supplement, app)
  • Create a list of health foods you crave
  • Favorite workout clothes
  • Favorite workout routine
  • Favourite at home workouts
  • Your reason for starting a health and fitness vlog
  • What’s in your gym bag
  • Top 10 food to gain muscle mass
  • Workouts for getting a bigger butt
  • Workouts for getting your summer body
  • Workouts for losing a muffin top

Personal Financing

  • Your success with saving and making more money
  • How to budget with irregular income
  • Your reason for starting a personal finance vlog
  • How to start a money making on social media
  • 50 money saving tips
  • How you can make your money grow
  • Top 10 money myths you need to stop believing
  • How to get out of debt
  • 10 questions to ask your financial advisor
  • How to make thousands each month through live streaming
  • 40 ways to make extra money
  • Ways to spend wisely
  • How to make money on Peeks Social


  • How to become a successful Gamer
  • Product review
  • Your reason for starting a gaming channel
  • Top 10 gaming tips
  • Your must have gaming essentials
  • Your Top 10 favourite games
  • 5 gaming mistakes
  • Top 10 gaming secrets for (specific game)
  • How to start a gaming channel

Viewers like to see content that will be beneficial to them or help them out in some way! Join the community of creators getting rewarded for their content. Start the conversation, share your thoughts, earn real cash instantly. Peeks Social allows the freedom to connect with people authentically and get rewarded for it!

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How to Make Payday Everyday

By Tips & Tricks

Start living everyday like its payday. From ordering food in, ridesharing after a night out, splurging on online stores, or making in-app purchases, Creators can spend as fast as they can earn.

The Peeks Social virtual Visa debit card allows freedom and flexibility as another suitable payment option to online commerce. This allows for the convenience of receiving instant payouts without the hassle of waiting for payments to be processed.

Get started now! Follow the simple steps below to earn your cash instantly:

Sign into your account at

Select your Peeks wallet

Click ‘access my card’

Register for your Visa Debit Card

Receive your Virtual Card in minutes

Still not convinced it’s right for you? Check out the power of digital purchases:


We’d love to hear from you, send us your feedback at or leave us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter.

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