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7 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to your Account

The more people who know about you or your product, the more sales and opportunities are available! Whether you’re looking to grow your personal brand, create more connections, or promote a product, driving large traffic to your Peeks Social account is a great tool for any business. Below we go over the 7 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to your Profile:

Be Engaging

Be active and engaging. Create a conversation that viewers will want to join, and remember to reply to the comments you recieve. A great way to be active in your stream is to acknowledge people when they first enter, start the conversation by asking how their day is and get to know your audience! Start building a community of loyal viewers who will want to tune into your channel.

Create a Community

Word of mouth generates more than twice the sales compared to radio, print, or company generated communication. Turn your audience into advocates have them do the targeting, share your message to their network, and use them as a communication channel. If something makes people look good they will share it more and referred customers have a 20% higher customer lifetime value which is more beneficial to your brand.

Use Hashtags

With Peeks Social’s new categories getting noticed by more people is easier than ever before! Make sure to incorporate hashtags that are relevant to your stream and account in the title before going live. This is a great way to develop more exposure and higher engagement on your Peeks Social account.

Collaborate with Others

Collaborate with like minded individuals who have a similar niche to your audience. This will allow you to get double the exposure to an audience that has similar interests to your brand. A great way of collaborating is reaching out to an account of interest and working together to promote each others content. You can also collaborate by doing and giving interviews!

Cross Promote

Utilize your other social media accounts by cross-promoting your Peeks Social account. Let your followers know when you will be going live, what your stream will be about, and why they should tune in! Increasing your reach across all of your channels will drive more traffic to your Peeks Social stream.

Show Exclusive Content

Make sure that you are giving your Peeks Social followers exclusive content and offers that you don’t have on your other social media accounts. If you share the same content on all of your profiles, there’s no reason for people to come watch you on Peeks Social. A good example of promoting your exclusive content on your other social media accounts is by showcasing a teaser video or sharing a little into what you will be streaming. This will entice your audience to want more without giving away the whole thing.

Be Helpful

Give your followers something that they can take away from and use in their daily life. People will share your content more if it will help them or others out in some way because it provides them with practical value. Sharing content also happens when it will make the other person look good, by giving their own network access to your helpful content, it provides them with social currency. The more your content is shared the more exposure you have to new potential viewers/followers.

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