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  • Am I tipping and receiving real money in Peeks Social?

    Yes, all of the money in Peeks Social is REAL! Register for an account to get started!

  • How do I upload a video?

    In the menu go to UPLOAD VIDEO. Select your video and choose a thumbnail. Add your video details, such as title, rating and category, then you are ready to start…

  • What are the other fees and payout periods?

    Fees Table Item Rate Reactivation Fee $20 Impressions 5,000 – 79 Coins 10,000 – 139 Coins 50,000 – 499 Coins * Fees may be subject to change based on special…

  • What are the platform fees associated with my status level?

    Peeks Social Status Levels & Platform Fees Table Stars Platform Fee 0-0.9 70% 1-1.9 60% 2-2.9 50% 3-4.4 39.9% 4.5-5 30% For subscriptions, a platform fee of 17% is charged…

  • What is a “Private” Stream?

    A private stream allows the broadcaster to select from a list of their followers as to who they want to share their live streams with, these streams are not public….

  • What is the “Paid Broadcast” feature?

    This feature ensures broadcasters monetize from their streams by asking viewers to pay to watch it. The broadcaster can select this feature before or anytime during a live stream by…