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  • How do I subscribe to a broadcaster?

    For broadcasters that offer subscriptions, you can now subscribe to users to support your favourite broadcasters as well as get access to special features. At this time, these features may…

  • How do I pay to unlock the stream chat?

    You may notice that when you try to chat with a broadcaster while watching a stream, you may be asked to make a purchase before you can chat. To do…

  • How Does Tipping Work?

    You need funds to tip broadcasters. Once you have funds, you can tip from your Peeks Social Wallet. You can only tip out your available balance in your wallet.

  • I feel like I didn’t get what was promised from the broadcaster. What do I do?

    If the broadcaster didn’t broadcast for approximately 15 minutes after enforcing a paid broadcast or didn’t deliver what was promised, you may be eligible for a credit to your Peeks…

  • How do I add coins into my Peeks Social account?

    To purchase coins, please login to the Peeks website and click on the “Get Coins” button on the home page. Please select the coin package and your credit card as…

  • My video keeps freezing, what can I do?

    Video freezing and buffering can occur when watching or streaming in areas with low WIFI bandwidth and or in areas where your mobile carrier has limited coverage. Try to go…