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  • What is the file size limit for my video upload?

    Currently the maximum file size for uploaded videos is 200MB.

  • Why is it sometimes my animations don’t work?

    Some phones will automatically stop animations and not allow you to stream if your battery is low or in power save mode. We recommend you have at least 30% battery…

  • How do I turn 18+ content on?

    *PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE TO BE 18+ OR OLDER ON THE APP TO ACCESS 18+ STREAMS* In order to view 18+ content, you must be at least 18 years old….

  • What are the different payment methods?

    *Before you add a payment method, please make sure you have submitted a valid ID. You can do this by signing into your account at and tapping the ‘Submit…

  • How do I check my cash balance in Peeks Social?

    In your wallet, you will see 2 balances, your total amount and funds on “hold”. There is a hold period for money deposited to your account to allow time to…

  • How do I delete a video?

    It’s a good idea to clean up your videos and leave only the best ones up. To delete videos, go to MY PROFILE in the main menu, swipe left (for…