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  • How do I check my cash balance in Peeks Social?

    In your wallet, you will see 2 balances, your total amount and funds on “hold”. There is a hold period for money deposited to your account to allow time to…

  • How do I delete a video?

    It’s a good idea to clean up your videos and leave only the best ones up. To delete videos, go to MY PROFILE in the main menu, swipe left (for…

  • Coin/Cash Balance

    You can check your account balance by logging into the Peeks website at Once logged in, you can navigate to the My Wallet screen and from there you’ll be…

  • Coin Purchase Dispute

    If you have questions regarding your coin purchase or have issues receiving coins that you purchased, please contact customer service at

  • I’m locked out of my account. How do I reset my password?

    If you would like to reset your password, please follow the steps below: 1. Open the Peeks app or the Peeks website 2. From the sign in screen, select the…

  • Validating Bank Account

    Great News! All bank accounts added to your wallet are now auto-approved. As long as your ID has been approved, you can withdraw funds from your account. However, if you…

  • Purchase of Coins

    Coins can be purchased via credit card or Bitcoin on our website at Please note that purchases may appear on your financial statement as charges from Peeks, Personas, or Paysonas.

  • Can’t Stream?

    If you are unable to stream it may be due to a streaming violation which you have breached on the app. Your streaming access may be suspended for 3 business…