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  • When will I receive the funds from subscriptions?

    When a user subscribes to you, the funds are credited to your account daily and you should see this in your wallet. After the funds have been credited to your…

  • How do I get access to create a subscription plan?

    At this time, only users with a rating of 4.0 and higher can gain access to create a subscription. If your rating has not reached at least 4.0, you will…

  • How do users subscribe to me?

    To have users subscribe to you, you will first need to create a subscription plan. At this time, as the subscriptions feature rolls out, only select broadcasters will be able…

  • What is a document number when submitting ID?

    The document number on a piece of identification is a series of letters and/or numbers that unique to you and your identification.

  • How do I improve my rating?

    User ratings are based on how often you stream and how you are rated by customers on the app. If you would like to improve your ratings please try the…

  • How do I stream from my computer?

    1. On your computer, go to and log in. 2. In the left sidebar, select the Desktop Streaming option. 3. You’ll be asked to download OBS ( which is…